The safety toe-cap are used to protect the toes during work in which impacts, bumps and compressions on the foot are possible. The toe caps for safety shoes must comply with the European standard EN 12568 which, among other things, requires protection from impacts up to 200 J and from compressions up to 15 kN.

Choice and materials of safety toe-cap

The choice of the safety toe-cap that best suits your needs must be made taking into account the type of protection you are looking for. In fact, there are tips of different weight and made with different materials, each of which boasts specific characteristics. Typically, toe-caps for safety shoes are made of steel, aluminum, carbon fiber, fiberglass and plastic. Depending on the material, the weight of a tip can vary from 80/90 grams for steel to 32/36 grams for carbon fiber tips.

The toe-caps for Uniwork safety shoes

Uniwork has created the Unicomp safety toe-caps made of technical polymer, a very resistant but at the same time light plastic material, so as not to weigh down the shoes. They have good thermal insulation and are therefore particularly suitable for work at very high (or low) temperatures, and they are also not conductive to electricity.

Below are the characteristics of the Unicomp safety shoe toe-cap created by Uniwork.